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Who would’ve thought way back then we’d be here now

Seattle-Family-Lifestyle-Photography01.jpgSeattle-Family-Lifestyle-Photography02.jpgSeattle-Family-Lifestyle-Photography03.jpgSeattle-Family-Lifestyle-Photography04.jpgSeattle-Family-Lifestyle-Photography05.jpgSeattle-Family-Lifestyle-Photography06.jpgSeattle-Family-Lifestyle-Photography08.jpgSeattle-Family-Lifestyle-Photography09.jpgSeattle-Family-Lifestyle-Photography10.jpgSeattle-Family-Lifestyle-Photography11.jpgSeattle-Family-Lifestyle-Photography12.jpgSeattle-Family-Lifestyle-Photography13.jpgSeattle-Family-Lifestyle-Photography14 Seattle-Family-Lifestyle-Photography15 Seattle-Family-Lifestyle-Photography16 Seattle-Family-Lifestyle-Photography17 Seattle-Family-Lifestyle-Photography18 Seattle-Family-Lifestyle-Photography19 Seattle-Family-Lifestyle-Photography20 Seattle-Family-Lifestyle-Photography21 Seattle-Family-Lifestyle-Photography22

This was a super fun session for me because the mom and I go waaaaaay back – all the way back to middle school. We’d ride our bikes to Target on Sundays and spend all afternoon there wandering the aisles, dreaming about the day we’d be old enough to work there. We’d have sleep overs at each other’s houses, raiding her dad’s soda fridge and endlessly analyzing if so-and-so liked us back. Not the practical joke types, once we tp’ed a friend’s car just to irk him because he loved his car way too much (shhh he still doesn’t know who did it!).

It had been a super long time since we’d been able to properly catch up and even though we are far different people than we were back then, we’re still not so altogether different from each other. So happy we got to hang out that weekend, girl! And I loved capturing the fun your family has together and seeing what great kids you have (and how super stickin’ CUTE they are) and what amazing parents you and your man are!

2 Responses
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  1. Mom says...

    You captured the boys’ personalities so well!!! Love, love, love the photos and the Ludemann family!!!

  2. Jolene says...

    Lindsay-These turned out beyond amazing. Thank you so much for coming to Austin, and for being an incredible photographer, and an even more incredible friend. I will treasure these always. My walls are making me smile continuously!! Love you!