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Meet Lindsay

Meet Lindsay

I’m a lifestyle photographer based in Seattle, Washington and available for commissions worldwide.

I have the sweetest husband Jake and the most loving and energetic puppy Zoë. They keep my life full of love and laughter every day! Zoë loves car rides and comes along with us when we’re not toodling around on our shiny red Vespa. What’s not to love about cuddling while scootering somewhere?!

I loooove fresh seasonal food and a great glass of wine. I’ll try out a new restaurant any day but also enjoy experimenting with new plant-happy recipes and using our Vitamix A LOT.

I studied photography at the U of N on the Big Island of Hawai’i. That was also the island we got married on, where I discovered round-the-world trip airfares, and where I was inspired to start running marathons. Seriously love that place!

I’m drawn to the discovery of all things new, and filled with wanderlust and cravings for adventure. I love being home, but also long for the inspiration and new experiences that traveling brings. I’ll take any chance I can get to add a stamp to my passport. :)

My love for photography blossomed while I traveled the world so it was thrilling to have a dream come true when my work was published in Frommer’s travel guides!

My goal is to know at least seven languages fluently, preferably learning most of them while living in the countries where they’re spoken.

Most of all, I strive to live to the fullest and love to capacity. Life is all about the people we love!

Image Copyright Lindsay Kennedy Photography