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Summer Time Colors

Jake Caribbean

I just love bright, fun, happy colors and couldn’t resist these portraits on Jake’s and my trip to the Caribbean this month. Getting away for us is a great way to unplug and have time together without competing with cell phones and email and all the other distractions the modern life brings. We do our best to do this at home, but there aren’t any excuses when we’re away and the interwebs aren’t at our fingertips!

In this crazy online world we live in, sometimes I find myself getting burnt out on keeping up with social media and don’t really like the addictive feelings it often triggers. Must check Facebook! Who’s commented on my posts? What comments and likes are there on my Instagram photos?

So things have been a little quiet for me on the online front lately as I’m taking a little break from it all, using the extra time to enjoy living in the moment in the world around me, take Zoë to play fetch in the park and soak in the Seattle summer sun while we’ve got it! But there have been some fun things going on and I’ll be sharing them when I return from my little online hiatus. :)