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2012: Year in Review Part I

Last year was an epic year in traveling for Jake and I and we had a blast! It was also a year of all or nothing in that work was so crazy for him that it felt like in order to see each other we had to get away. I seriously love to travel and will never complain about that but I’m hoping for a bit more balance in the year to come where we can enjoy each other in the everyday-ness of home. :)

First up in 2012 was a trip to NYC for New Years. If any place in the States felt most like home, New York is it for me. On my first trip there years ago, I really liked it but it was also a bit too much “city” for me at the time. But each trip back it grew on me more and more, and now I can’t help but smile when I first step on the subway because feel like I’ve come home.

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Next up in February was a trip to LA/Santa Barbara. We stayed in a suite at this amazing villa overlooking the city with the most amazing warm glowy sunsets. Oh how I love VRBO and AirBnb, sites for booking accommodations from private owners. We’ve stayed in places that are so much better than hotels and met some really cool people to top it off. I highly recommend them if you are the independent traveler-type!

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In March we flew to Jordan simply because we found a great deal on airfare (thank you Airfare Watchdog!), we’d heard it was an awesome place, and my brother just so happened to be there during that time as well. Growing up he was soooo annoying but I love spending time with him now and how amazing to explore and photograph together on the far side of the world.

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In June we made a last minute trip to “Mexico” and were engaged by the end of the trip! I knew it was coming and every time we walked through a town square I secretly hoped Jake wouldn’t do it there with so many people around. He proposed in a romantic little restaurant lit with lots of little candles and a pianist playing in the background. He told me all the things he loved about me and how he couldn’t imagine life without me to share all the adventures. Of course I said yes :)

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Every summer we try to make it down to Oregon’s Willamette wine country and Airlie winery is always at the top of our list. It’s the perfect little boutique winery set in the hills and we always luck out with the most perfect weather. Zoë came along and had so much running around with the other dogs and swimming for the very first time in their pond. She never ceases to make me laugh. So many warm fuzzies from that evening – the perfect weather, beautiful warm evening light, having so much fun with Jake and Zoë, a great bottle of bubbly, the Brazilian band playing – it ranks up there with the top three days of 2012!

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Next up is 2012 Part II