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Desert Ruins, Minted Lemonade and a City by the Sea // Jordan and Beirut


The bullet holes in this building are a reminder of the ravages Beirut went through during their civil war (1975-1991). I can’t even imagine.


Amazing flight deal + visiting two new countries + seeing for ourselves a region that’s largely overlooked for travel from the US + lots and lots of hummus and shwarma + last minute flight to Beirut + getting to meet up with my bro on the opposite side of the world (just so happened to be there at the same time) + the discovery of lemonade with mint + eye-opening stories + super hospitable people + floating in the super salty water of the Dead Sea + wandering among Roman ruins + the quietest night of my life in Wadi Rum + seeing the ancient wonder of Petra = an awesome experience!

That’s the nutshell version, but a really long non-mathematical equation. :) If any of that sparks a deeper curiosity, post your question in the comments and I’ll be sure to elaborate with a story. Oh, and for the iPhone version of the story, check out my Instagram.

3 Responses
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  1. Charity says...

    Lindsay, your photography makes me happy. Beautiful work!

  2. Charity says...

    Oh, and one more thing… looking at your photos makes me want to buy a wide-angle lens. Yes, I must buy one.

  3. Ann says...

    Fun. I want to go now… thanks a lot. :)