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Mmmm Wine | Napa and Sonoma Valleys

Elongated rays of sunlight, the scent of fermenting grapes, the cool draftiness of a wine cave in contrast to the warmth outside, the feeling of walking in a time long past… What’s not to love about California wine country?! If you ever go yourself, here’s a little hint: spend more time in Sonoma than in Napa. Don’t get me wrong, Napa’s worth seeing, but think Disneyland versus the streets of San Francisco. Both have character and their place in the world, but if you want the real down-to-earth deal and a personable feel, go spend some good days in Sonoma.


Napa 002.jpg Napa 023.jpg Napa 027.jpg Napa 069.jpg Napa 104.jpg Napa 160.jpg Napa 164.jpg Napa 272.jpg Napa 284.jpg
Napa 236.jpg
Napa 287.jpg
Can you blame me for going a lil over-board on my friend the sun- I do live in Seattle after all!