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Vashon Island Lifestyle Session

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How do you capture the little moments of your fabulous life that are so easy to take for granted? You grab the ones you love, go do the things you enjoy, and bring me with you! :)

We had a blast on this sunny day wandering all over their stomping grounds and I felt so honored to glimpse a sliver of her world. They live on a beautiful farm with an amazing view of the passage (I could totally sit on their porch for hours staring at the water below, soaking in the sounds of life away from the city). I loved meeting her chickens and ducks and seeing the ponies’ personalities shine through- animals are so fun!

With the help of the questionnaire I’ve developed to get the creative juices flowing, together we designed a great plan for her session. We started with the most important things just in case we ran out of time, but I’m so glad we got to everything because doesn’t it all tell a great story?!

In twenty years, she’ll have these images to help her remember just how it felt riding her favorite ponies with the wind blowing through her hair, cuddling with her chickens, and then seeing the house she grew up in will bring back all those memories of hanging out with mom and dad on the porch laughing.

Discovery Park Lifestyle Session

Seattle Discovery Park Family Photos 01 Seattle Discovery Park Family Photos 02Seattle Discovery Park Family Photos 03Seattle Discovery Park Family Photos 04Seattle Discovery Park Family Photos 05Seattle Discovery Park Family Photos 06Seattle Discovery Park Family Photos 07Seattle Discovery Park Family Photos 08Seattle Discovery Park Family Photos 09Seattle Discovery Park Family Photos 10Seattle Discovery Park Family Photos 11Seattle Discovery Park Family Photos 12Seattle Discovery Park Family Photos 13

Discovery Park is a beautiful place that encompasses so much of what is great about the Pacific Northwest: majestic mountains, the water, salt-scented driftwood, forests thick with trees, and even a lighthouse! It’s full of trails and nooks and crannies where you never know what might be around the next bend.

It was the perfect place for this family’s lifestyle session. They’re from Australia and wanted images to help bring back all the feelings and memories from the time they spent living here once they move back. I love it!