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Ironman 70.3, Wine, and a Road Trip

I’m off to race my first Ironman 70.3 triathlon! Yikes and yeeeehaaa! The Vineman 70.3 is a popular one and Jake and I were so excited to get in.

That it’s in wine country is a double plus! We’ll be making a bee line down on I-5 but will be taking our time on the Pacific Coast Highway on the way back with Let’s Go Roadtripping USA as our guide (I rarely leave home without a travel guide or the Yelp app for good eats away from home :) ). I’m super excited since I’ve been wanting to do this road trip for quite some time and have heard only great things about it.

See you when I get back! I’ll have limited internet access so I’ll be responding to all emails upon my return. OH, and I have TONS of blog posts to catch up on, so stay tuned…

Winery-Chateau.jpg Wine-Tasting.jpgVineyard.jpg