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Mango with Sticky Rice


Ever since I was a kid, I loved making things. I just love the feeling of having something tangible to show for my efforts, and even better if it serves a purpose! In second grade, I made these paper ties (compare to the cloth version men tie around their necks) by coloring A LOT on a piece of paper and folding them to look like a tie. I convinced Tim, the kid who sat in front of me, to buy them for 10 cents a piece. It was great! This thing I made with my own hands turned into cold hard cash! Back then, 10 cents was enough for three pieces of bulk Brach candy samples from the store.

Now, I get the same satisfaction from making a delish dish, taking photo candy for my eyes, and putting the yummy in the tummy! The only thing this mango and sticky rice is missing is the taste you get from eating it from the Chiang Mai night market in all it’s sticky sweetness (sweaty arm pits included. Did I just say pits?!? I think so.).

Happy day!

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    Yummm… this looks so tasty…. Never been to Thailand, but tasted sticky rice with mango when a friend from Thailand made it and it is so good…. Think I’ll have to learn how to make that sticky rice :)