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Out to Kona

I’m off to the land of coffee beans, shave ice (with ice cream tucked inside!), snow-capped mountains with giant telescopes, sea turtles and flowing lava…. Kailua-Kona, that is! Eeeeee, so excited! (I’ll be back April 10)

On Sunday Jake and I race Lavaman, our first triathlon. It’s no Ironman, but we will be racing on part of the Ironman World Championship course, does that count? Here’s hoping I don’t drown at the swim start in the sea of thrashing arms and legs. Wish me luck!

I spent some time in Kona while in photography school years ago, so here are some throw-back photos to tide you over.

Kona Hawaii Photographer 01.jpg Kona Hawaii Photographer 02.jpg Kona Hawaii Photographer 03.jpg Kona Hawaii Photographer 04.jpg Kona Hawaii Photographer 05.jpg Kona Hawaii Photographer 06.jpg Kona Hawaii Photographer 07.jpg

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  1. Jerusha says...

    Lindsayyyyyyy!!!!!! I am way excited that you are going to be here!!! We must see eachother. MUST! =) Good luck tomorrow!