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Summer in Winter | Green Lake Infrared Photography

If all Seattle winters were like this one, I might look forward to them rather than spending the summers trying to soak in the sun before it goes south for the winter. I, for one, have certainly been thrilled with the summer-like winter we’ve been having and joined the masses in bee-lining it for Green Lake the other weekend. Jake and I converted my old camera into an infrared camera (okay, HE was the one with the screw driver taking apart the camera while I watched), which basically filters out visible light and takes in only the infrared spectrum of light. It turns the sky black, anything green becomes white, and makes skin appear uber soft. We had lots of fun playing with the new toy! (Last image by Jake)

_DSC7691.jpg _DSC7668.jpg _DSC7802.jpg _DSC7707.jpg

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    Wow — how cool!

    Would you mind if we posted a couple of these pictures on We’d give you full attribution, of course, and link back to you.


  2. Mom says...

    These are amazing. I absolutely love them. What a unique technique. You are my star!