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Sunday Afternoon Nap

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Zoë loves Jake and I love how these images show that. Of the thousands of photos I’ve taken of her (and you were thinking I posted a lot of puppy pictures, pfffft – shows what you know!), these are some of my top faves.

All three of us were actually taking a snoozer on the couch (not much room on there for me, was there?!) and I couldn’t resist risking the beautiful moment to capture a few frames. I can’t believe she slept on top of him like that for so long!

Zoë hasn’t been with us for that long, but already I can’t imagine life without her. Jake thinks I’m so weird when I start to think about this and then start to tear up at the thought of her leaving us. “That’s a long ways away, we just got her,” he says. Men, how logical and void of emotion they can be. You never know what each day may bring, good or bad, and nothing in life is guaranteed. So while I’ll do everything I can to help her live to a super happy old age (I’m thinking 20 or 25! Hey, it’s possible.), you just never know.

But then there’s that sign on a closed (as in folded) business I drove by the other day that said “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” I like that. And I like all the photos I’ll always have to help me remember, no matter what happens.

2 Responses
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  1. natalie says...

    Hi! that doggy is so cute!!!! can you please let me know what breed she is?

  2. Lindsay says...

    Thank you! She’s a border collie/samoyed mix. I grew up with samoyeds and samoyed mixes and LOVE them!