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Yesi | Guadalajara, Mexico

She’s from Mexico, I’m from the US, but it wasn’t until we were both living in Amsterdam that Yesi and I crossed paths. We really didn’t get to know each other until we took a spur of the moment weekend trip to Paris where we developed ties that would last a lifetime.

That weekend, we also learned (the hard way) EurRail is far superior to Eurobus, Nutella banana crepes are quite possibly the world’s best street food, and the Eiffel tower is the best place to just happen run into someone you know but the worst place to meet if you are actually trying to find each other (crazy story- ask me sometime!).

Yes, this is the randomness called my life, and I love it! But it’s also really hard since it means that some of my dearest friends are scattered around the globe.

Yesi’s beautiful, graceful, and is one of the deepest, most thoughtful people I know. She’s an amazing personal shopper, fashion designer, and has a killer fashion sense and quite the artistic eye that well lends her to photography as well (see diptych below).

Yesi-2.jpg diptych-Yesi.jpg

I’ll never win a most graceful contest, but I do have fun with the best of them!

Mexico-destination-photographer-03.jpg Mexico-destination-photographer-04.jpg Mexico-destination-photographer-05.jpg Mexico-destination-photographer-06.jpg Mexico-destination-photographer-08.jpg Yesi.jpg

3 Responses
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  1. bernardo says...

    r u in Guadalajara? We live nearby the lake, near the ywam base too, contact me

  2. Lindsay says...

    Hey Berno!! No way- you guys are in GDL?! I was there about a month ago, but am back in Seattle now. :( I wish I was there, it’s pouring down rain right now. Hopefully we’ll cross paths again soon in our random travels- it’d be great to see you again!!

  3. Yesi says...

    Linds you are an amazing woman, friend and photographer :) i had lots of fun around u hope to see you soon; miss ya!