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Zoë Love

Zoe Love

Can’t believe how much I love her! She makes me laugh every day and is so much fun to have around.

My little Zoë Bear (the shelter we adopted her from had called her Polar Bear so we thought it’d be fun to remember that in our little nickname for her). She has such a great personality with a perfect mix of chill and spunky. Her hobbies include sleeping under my desk while I work, chewing on rawhide sticks and pigs’ ears, playing fetch, eating fish, squeaking her chew toys, and running around our apartment like a bee’s in her bonnet. She also likes to cuddle in the morning and perch on the top of the back of the couch. I swear she thinks she’s a monkey. One of her ears sticks straight up all the time and the other does as it pleases.

Yes, I am officially a pathetic dog owner who’s baby is her dog. ;)

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  1. Mom says...

    I miss Zoe!!! And you, of course, too!!! She ranks way up there next to Sheeba! :)