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Arboretum Family Session

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This family loves hanging out at the beautiful arboretum so it was a no-brainer location for their session. It’s such a peaceful place full of twisty trails and lovely green trees everywhere. I was reminded that I need to go there more often.

See that green box with the orange stuff inside? That’s a bug playground, how freaking awesome is that?! You go searching for bugs and place them inside the playground and they actually climb up and down the slide and everything. My brother would’ve gone crazy with that as a little kid. We have this home video of him as a blonde-as-blonde-can-be little two year old saying, “Daddy…. I saw a big bug!” We’ll never let him forget that, ha!

And those Little Golden Books- man, who else remembers those?! My favorite game as a kid, after my mom had finished reading the book to me 15 times in a row, was to have her ask me where such-and-such character was and I’d point to it. I sure hope she still has those old books, it’d be so much fun to look at them again.

Check out the session info page to see how we can come up with the perfect session location for you and the ones you love!

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  1. Mom says...

    Super Cute!!!!