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Matt + Amy // Engaged


Matt and Amy are a fun fun couple! They met on a beautiful sunny day in Maine and Amy caught Matt’s eye with her tenacity in learning to surf in the freezing water. They love doing anything if it means they are together but top of their list are traveling and exploring the beauty of a foreign city, reading the Sunday newspaper over a cup of coffee (it’s likely that Matt roasted the beans himself!), and hiking anything from volcanoes to rain forests. They have such a love for each other that can only add to their capacity to love the friends and family around them.

It’ll be my honor to be their to capture their wedding day memories at Seattle’s Lake Union Cafe later this month! Can’t wait!

Matt has inspired Jake and I to start roasting our own coffee using the very same air popper my family used to pop popcorn while watching super 8 home movies on the wall when I was a kid. We quickly upgraded and are anxiously awaiting the arrival of a fancy new drum roaster. I love DIY stuff!