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We Got a Puppy!

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This is Zoë, our new little puppy! If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you know I’ve been wanting a puppy for soooo long.

I love dogs, but it turns out I’m kinda picky about the kind of dog I’m willing to give a chunk of my life to. I grew up with Samoyed (the big whited fluffy dogs with curly tails) and Samoyed mixes, and they were the best dogs ever. Samoyeds are wonderful people dogs, but their fluffiness can get a little out of control. So a Samoyed mix it was! Problem is, they are hard to find.

I searched for a long time, and after several disappointments, I gave up looking. But Jake, being the sweetie that he is, kept looking every few days for the next year.

Then on a Friday night a couple weeks ago, we were chilling on the couch and he pulled up petfinder. Up popped a huge litter of Samoyed mix puppies… in Arizona. It was a big gamble to fly so far to adopt a puppy but last minute flights were reasonable so several hours later, I was dropping Jake off at the airport. I would have loved to have gone myself, but I had a commitment keeping me in Seattle.

Jake got to the Petco where they were bringing the puppies for adoption just before they got there and was first in line. A nail-biting couple hours for me later, I got a text with a photo of a puppy. We got one!

She’s the cutest lil dog we’ve ever seen, and already love her to pieces. I called my mom while I was waiting to hear from Jake in Arizona, and she said Jake must love me a lot to go all that way for a puppy! He says he loves me even more than that. Awwww! Now feel free to roll your eyes. ;)

Please excuse me as I’m off to clean up Zoë’s most recent mess!

3 Responses
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  1. Jan says...

    Love the black and white close up-very cute.

    She make a super cute “grand puppy”. Can’t wait to see her (and you too).

  2. Shirley says...

    What a cutie!!! Can’t wait to see pics of her w/ the fam :)

  3. lotus says...

    OMG, she was so teeny–less than a month ago!