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Willamette Valley | Oregon Wine Country

Having grown weary of Seattle’s “June-uary,” we set out for a long weekend in sun-drenched Willamette Valley. Wine glasses in hand, we kicked back under the sun, played with light in our cameras, and happily bought cases of wine to stock the wine cellar (a.k.a. my laundry room!) for the summer. ‘Twas heavenly.

Willamette Valley Vineyards.jpg Willamette Valley.jpg Oregon wheat field.jpg Jake road.jpg Railroad Portrait.jpg Oregon wine country.jpg Oregon wine country 2.jpg wine country portrait.jpg Downtown Portland.jpg mailbox portrait.jpg Dowtown Portland 2.jpg

If you get a chance to head there yourself (and you should!), check out some of the wineries we visited:

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  1. Mom says...

    Beaugious!!!! Translation: Beautiful and gorgeous!!! I want to come visit you. Who wouldn’t with a laundry room full of wine! Pretty outfit, Lindz!